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Featured Gem

Sams House at Pine Island Conservation Area

Wonder how real Floridians lived back in the day? You can take a peek into the past by visiting the 1875 Sams family cabin. The oldest standing home in Brevard County, the house is just the start of your adventure. Meander along the paved trail and enjoy the interactive exhibits on the creatures who have made this part of the world home, from Ice Age animals, to Native Americans to Florida’s early pioneers.

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Featured Images

Cocoa Village is home to many working artists.

A view of Brevard Avenue, Cocoa Village

From Insiders and Other Experts

Sweet Victories

12-year old surfing champion from Melbourne Beach, Caroline Marks, scores big at Surfing America USA Championships, sweeping three divisions in the International Surfing Association event. During the coming year, Caroline, her brother Luke, and Rachel Presti of Melbourne Beach will compete as part of the International Surfing Association’s USA team. Other Space Coast high performing […]

Space Coast Geo Adventures Kick Off Event

New Offer. Love Geocaching? Space Coast Geo Adventures takes you to 15 great locations across the Space Coast where you can find a geocache and take a picture as proof you were there. Some are hikes, and others are quicker to grab.

Keith Winsten: Variety of nature, wildlife extends throughout Brevard – Florida Today

Keith Winsten, Executive Director of the Brevard Zoo, shares his favorite nature activities on the Space Coast, many of which you can learn more about on our site.

Surfline’s Surfer’s Glossary – Part 2

Speak like a surfer with some more terminology: Deep Water: water deep enough so that surface waves are not affected by the bathymetry on the ocean bottom. Generally, water more than 1,000 feet, or at least deeper than one-half the wavelength of the existing waves is considered deep water. Ding: damage to surfboard caused by […]

The History Behind Seafood Jubilees

Jubilee is the name for a local phenomenon that occurs sporadically on the shores of Mobile Bay, a large body of water on on Alabama’s Gulf Coast. A combination of low oxygen, tides and meteorological conditions lures many species of crab and shrimp, as well as flounder, eels and other fish to leave deeper waters and swarm – in large numbers and very high density – in a specific, shallow coastal area of the bay.

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